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Sometimes I will add pepper jack or whatever is in the fridge. Either way, it is always good. The dry mustard is the key! This is my favorite mac and cheese. I add some Mozzarella, Yum! This is my go to Mac n Cheese. I use sharp Cooper that we smoke. Any suggestions if I wanted to make this for a large group of people in a large Roaster? Such as time and temp? I used the recipe on the box for many years. Never altered from the original except for some alterations where I would add chopped onions, diced ham and even sausage for make casseroles.

One day I was travelling through a rural part of Florida and stopped at a mom and pop restaurant.

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Their mac and cheese was unbelievable. I asked the waitress if I could get the recipe from the cook. I returned a year later and again ordered the mac and cheese. This time I asked to speak with the cook. He came out and introduced himself at the son of the owners. I whined and told him I had driven many miles just for that dish and begged him to give me the secret.

He finally broke down and told me it was very simple. What a difference that made and it even allowed me to cut down on the amount of salt I used.

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My mother had this recipe using corn starch instead of flour. When I got married, I cut the recipe off the back of the box, and still make it this way. Thank you Muellers. I always saute some chopped onion and garlic in a small amount of olive oil along with some ham cubes to add to the cheese sauce. Great comfort food!! This recipe is a big hit for holidays!

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I use Vermont extra sharp cheese by Cabot. I use extra cheese! It takes a long time to cook. Everyone loves this! This has been the recipe my mom used which is on the back of the Elbows box and now I use. The only difference is that I use a little bit of breadcrumbs on top and add some remaining shredded sharp cheddar on top, and for the butter I always use Kerrygold Irish butter. I have been looking for this recipe forever. I have been living in AZ for many yrs now and I can only find Mullers spaghetti then someone told me to Google it a d was.

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Very excited to find it. Thank you a wait to try it now. This is the recipe that my other used and now I use it too. This is my favorite mac n cheese recipe ever! Has anyone ever put this into a crock pot?? I have made this several times, just never put it into a crock pot. Thanks for the help! Since I saw my grandmother use your pasta products. They are excellent. Nice and grated Sharp Cheese Hot….

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It good all the time. I have used Muller products every since I seen them I. My grandmothers kitchen North Carolina ,Cary. Rate 1 ,5 stsr. I have made this recipe many times over the years and it is always turns out perfect…..

Baked Macaroni & Cheese

I LOVE this recipe! My guess is that, that was the only cheese available during the Depression when her mom showed her. Now what I do is get the sliced AC from the deli. The BEST! Thanks mom!

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I have been making a Muellers Mac and Cheese for years. The recipe changes on the box of elbows every so often.. I got this off of a box about 40 years ago. I have used this recipe for at least 35 years and nothing else comes close! I use Velveeta but sometimes use some Mexican shredded mix with it…super melty. If using other than elbow I add a little extra sauce. The best Mac and cheese ever! My grandmother used to make this for us. She was a great cook, but we never got her recipe for her baked Mac n cheese I refuse to eat the stuff out of a box.

Grandma had us fooled! May we all continue to enjoy a recipe worth of handing down! I only would do it literally once a year but I have been making this dish a lot lately. My boys love it! Easy to make, not a lot if time abd delicious. I had to laugh…asked my MIL for her recipe as my nieces were coming and love her mac and cheese. Thanks for the family secret!

I cooked this in October and everybody really enjoyed the taste totally used the recipe and I thought it had that home cooked church dinner taste thanks!

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Great Mac and Cheese! Learned from Mom. Seems like the recipe that she got off box. Always used extra sharp cheese. I use 8 oz. Use a full 16 oz. Freeze one for later. I grew up eating this as a child was one of the favorite things my mother made for me no I make it for my child who is 26 and it brought back memories for her of her grandmother.

This is such a wonderful classic mac and cheese recipe! You might need to add a little more milk to the sauce, as the corkscrew pasta will probably absorb a bit more liquid than the elbows. Let us know how using the corkscrews goes for you.