Cómo Convertir PDF a Excel

Move, group, layer, and resize objects Action Shortcut Select all objects Select one object, then press Command-A Deselect all objects Select one object, then press Shift-Command-A Select objects by dragging Drag from a blank part of the sheet around objects. Work with charts Action Shortcut Edit chart data references Shift-Command-D Move the chart legend one point Select the legend, then press an arrow key Move the chart legend ten points Select the legend, then hold down Shift and press an arrow key.

Create cell references in formulas Action Shortcut Navigate to and select a single cell Press Option and an arrow key Extend or shrink a selected cell reference Press Option-Shift and an arrow key Navigate to the first or last nonheader cell in a row or column Press Option-Command and an arrow key Insert a line break Option-Return Insert a tab Option-Tab Specify absolute and relative attributes of selected cell references Press Command-K or Shift-Command-K to move forward or backward through options Specify absolute and relative attributes of the first and last cells of selected cell references Press Option-Command-K or Option-Shift-Command-K to move forward or backward through options.

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    Las 9 mejores herramientas para descargar vídeos para Mac

    Verify that the port does not conflict with ports used by existing port forwarding entries. Type The appropriate protocol to use. Virtual Machine Port The port number to use for requests on the specified virtual machine. A port-forwarding configuration appears in the list of networks.