#2. Connect GoPro to Mac via Image Capture

Locate the USB port. Connect the GoPro to your computer. Use the cable that came with your GoPro. Connect the camera to one of the main USB ports on your computer rather than a USB hub or a port on your keyboard or monitor.

6 Solutions for When GoPro Won't Connect to Your Computer

Alternatively, you can remove the microSD card from the GoPro and insert it into a card reader that you've attached to your computer. Power on your GoPro.

When it recognizes the connection, your GoPro should go into USB mode, causing a USB symbol to appear on the camera's screen if your camera is equipped with one. Locate your photos and videos. On a Mac, a camera icon will appear on the desktop. Double-click on it to access the photos and videos stored on the camera's microSD card. In Windows, go to My Computer , then locate your GoPro in the list of available drives and double-click on it. Either plug it in with the wall charger or plug it in to your PC. Make sure it is powered off first. Yes No. Not Helpful 8 Helpful 7.

Connecting GoPro Hero 4 cameras

Switch off the camera. Before you can connect the camera to a computer, you will need to turn it off first. Find the USB port. Not Helpful 46 Helpful Why does my camera start to install drivers and then stop, saying that it failed to install drivers? We can import directly from iPhoto or the other option is as you can see on the right of the screen, the folder has appeared.

Import Photos and Videos to MacBook Air from GoPro Hero 3

We can go directly to the file itself so if we do not want to use iPhoto and we want to use the actual file itself, we can begin working on that. Maybe it just doesn't work, I don't know. VisiHow welcomes all comments.

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Help for Camera Suite (Linux/MacOS/Windows desktop version)

Green Living. You must know that Image Capture is a default application on a Mac. It is used to import pictures and videos from devices to Mac. It works the same for GoPro as well. Here are the steps to connect GoPro to Mac and import gopro files to Mac:. Step 2. From the top left, you can see the camera icon.

#1. Connect GoPro SD card to Mac

Step 3. There are so many options, including the mentioned 3 ways above available to connect GoPro to Mac.

How to Stream Gopro hero3 LIVE to Mac and Windows

However, when you connecting them, you should also watch out during the transferring process. Many people have complained that it seems it worked so well in importing files from GoPro to Mac, but the result is an empty folder with no file can be opened.