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Meet Zoho's product experts, passionate customers, and business leaders at Canada. October 1, Colombia. October 4, Brazil. October 7, Chile. Oct 02 - 03, Pleasanton.

Nov 19 - 20, Mumbai. Meet Zoho's product experts, passionate customers, and business leaders at India Learn more. October 01 - 07, Colombia Brazil Chile Learn more. Finance Solve business accounting challenges using our perfect set of finance apps on the cloud. Human Resources Focus on your people while our apps automate your human resources processes. Custom Solutions Simplify complex business processes with apps that will make your team's work easier. Overall there's enough on offer to entice existing iPhone owners to invest in an upgrade, and plenty to attract converts to the iPhone ecosystem.

Thus, if you are tired of charging your smartphone each and every night, which would happen with the iPhone 6, the Xperia Z3 should be on top of your list. While the iPhone 6 isn't the cheapest smartphone out there, Apple has reduced the cost compared to the iPhone 5S, so buyers get a better model for slightly less, and the pricing is comparable to other high-end flagship models from rivals.

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This A8-powered handset can handle any task you throw at it, and its crisp 4. If you're an iPhone user who has always been jealous of the larger phones in your friends' pockets, this is the device for you. The phone was impressive in battery life, camera, display, and performance categories, but I was ultimately left frustrated by the intricacies of iOS 8 that differ from Android. From Settings and Notifications handling to the silos that still exist while developers get their apps ready for Extensions to that damn physical home button.

The HTC One M8 enjoys excellence in design and build, is a top performer and has a beautiful display. Storage options are limited, but an expansion slot is a bonus. Yes, the processor is a bit faster and the camera is slightly improved, but it's the 4. It means a better experience when watching TV or movies on your iPhone, it displays photos better, and it allows more information to be shown on the screen at once.

How well does iOS 8 work on a 5. Does the stabilized camera and extra battery life matter?

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We compare the new iPhone models and help Will decide if he wants to stick with the Plus or return it. Month after month, smartphone after smartphone, it simply has the rounded appeal and performance to be a choice winner amongst consumers. Considering all things, it makes plenty of sense why the iPhone 6 is already finding itself in a similar position of being king of the hill in the smartphone space. Naturally, I decided to put my personal iPhone 6 though our usual round of benchmarks.

The extra real-estate offers a great benefit that Android users have been enjoying for years now and comes with the added benefit of the best apps around, which will take full advantage of the extra space. It might not be a design classic like the iPhone 4 or iPad mini, but it nevertheless looks and feels great. Like the 5S before it the iPhone 6 manages to do everything with aplomb — it has no serious weaknesses. The iPhone 6 Plus might have the slightly more detailed screen and OIS, but its size means that it isn't for everyone.

For the perfect, all-rounder, every-day phone for most people the iPhone 6 is the best choice. If you're wondering if you should upgrade from an older phone, read our iPhone 5S vs iPhone 6 comparison. Add to that the few bumps and bugs we found in iOS 8 along with the spectacular failure of its 8. As usual, most of the phones its size are even better equipped hardware-wise, but that has never bothered Apple. The iPhone 6 also presents the strongest argument yet for switching or switching back from Android.

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  • The Samsung Galaxy S5, meanwhile, has a brighter screen and sturdier frame, but falls behind those two phones on elegance. The design, screen size and customisable keyboard are leaps forward. The camera remains one of the best all-round snappers on the market and iOS 8 brings numerous useful updates. However, there are downsides. The biggest problem remains the fragility, lack of RAM and sealed in battery. If you're looking to stay in Apple's ecosystem, the 5. Zippy overall performance. Surprisingly light and thin. Every new iPhone is the best iPhone yes, I even loved the 5c.

    The iPhone 6 is faster, runs the new iOS 8, but most importantly has a larger, higher resolution display. Fandroids will swear by the Sony on this one. Unusually, Apple is marginally cheaper, but the Xperia Z3 is ahead on almost all quantifiable metrics. That's where we would put our money, principally because of the expandable storage, better display and more robust build.

    But the iPhone 6 is a big step forward for Apple, and it is by no means a bad deal. If you are an iPhone user, and you specifically want an iPhone, it is the best yet. As such it is a slick, well-built, beautifully designed handset. Performance is good, the display is good, and the iOS eco-system is, well, good. The difficulty lies in quantifying the value of the iPhone 6 in the wider market. Step over to the Android world and you could get a similar experience with a better display for a lot less money.

    And you could expand the storage. There is no question that these days there is better value in the Android world, but value isn't really the point with an iPhone.

    If you are dedicated to using an Apple phone, it should be your next handset. It matches or bests the iPhone 6 in all quantifiable metrics. Ultimately the decision is based on two subjective things: build quality and design, and the Android platform vs the iOS ecosystem. If you are an iPhone user and you like iOS and iTunes, it seems unlikely that the saving of a few quid would make you switch sides to the LG. But if you did it is unlikely you would be disappointed.

    Still, it isn't simply a supersized iPhone 6, as well. It's more like a heavy-duty iPhone 6, designed to cater to the needs of users who want to get some more productivity out of their mobile handset. With its bigger screen, the slight iOS 8 enhancements, and better battery life, the iPhone 6 Plus is the bigger and better variant of the iPhone 6. You call yourself a hardcore mobile user who's into the Apple ecosystem? It looks like the iPhone 6 Plus has been made for you.

    One thing's certain, however — whether you pick the iPhone 6 or the HTC One M8 , you will receive your money's worth in exchange. You just need to know what your priorities are when making the choice between these two great models. When it comes to design, the two phones stand in the same league with their meticulously crafted metal bodies. But the iPhone 6 is definitely the more compact one with its slim and lightweight construction. The M8 might be larger and heavier, but its offers a bigger screen with higher resolution and a pair of great front-facing speakers.

    But the reality is that such an answer will inevitably be, to put it lightly, completely misleading. There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all, and it ultimately comes down to your right to exercise choice.

    It brings everything you can expect from an iPhone in a much larger package — the build is as premium as ever, and the screen is bright and very accurate. In contrast, the Note 3 has a not-so-impressive plastic body, but it has replaceable battery and microSD slot.

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    Apple iPhone 6: Looking good, slim. Another practicality is that old chestnut of micro SD storage expansion or the lack thereof. It will remain a sticking point for many but it certainly doesn't seem to have affected sales. But Sir Jony was right: the 5 was more comfortable in your hand.

    So How Accurate Are These Smartphone Sound Measurement Apps?

    But even we accept that in the smartphone world Apple's rivals are catching up. In the case of this rival, however, we can't see many compelling reasons to choose the Xperia Z3 over the iPhone 6. Cameras, perhaps. Display, definitely. But although the Xperia is more robust than the iPhone it isn't as pretty, and in all other respects - including price - we'd choose the iPhone 6. If you want a larger screen and better-stabilised video, the 64GB iPhone 6 Plus should be a good choice. Android and iOS is the biggest difference here and it's worth noting that the iPhone 6 is behind the HTC One M8 in many specs even though it costs more.

    It feels lovely in the hand, despite the extra size. It has the best screen of any iPhone - big enough to be useful, with gorgeous colours. It's the most powerful iPhone ever, even if in use all you'll know is that it feels very fast. It has the best battery of any iPhone ever, lasting well into a second day.

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    And it also packs some of Apple's biggest software innovations in years, although we'll have to wait for the likes of Apple Pay to make their way over here. The genuinely longer battery life that comes as a bonus with the bigger chassis is nicely unexpected. Had Apple just changed the shape but kept the same inherent problems?

    Was there really enough new to make it a phone that really helped the company leap forward?