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For PS4 controllers, there may be an easier solution than making a profile from scratch. There is a tool called DS4Windows. I was originally going to create a wiki article about this, but then figured it would only be a temporary thing anyway.

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What about macOS version? Scroll down on the website, azoreseuropa.

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You can also configure the joystick index now if you have more than one joystick connected. However, the old Xbox config which was provided here was actually broken and might cause issues it has since been corrected! The config available through my website were always correct though. It is not technically possible to have as much control with xpadder and similar tools. So even if you have a working setup using some tool, I still strongly recommend to upgrade. By upgrading to these configurations, you are also helping us test the Citra controller input code which will eventually become even more powerful.

This works much better than using anything like xpadder because you get nuance in the controls, thanks are you sure that the config for zl and zr are correct, since it seems to link to keyboard?

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Thanks for asking - I forgot about that: These have currently not been supported by Citra , just like C-Stick. Screen Shot at 7. Note that the.


The physical location of the buttons is still correct ignore the labels. Thanks though! If you meant the config file on your local disk this is described on the wiki page linked in the second paragraph of the first post… If the wiki article is not accurate modify it please - we depend on the community to help us with these kind of things. I was curious if anyone could tell me which one of these I would need to use it?

Thanks in advance! EDIT: Nevermind! If you have trouble with this, change the threshold Which is supposed to enable us to use the left and right triggers. However, I found that buttons 5 and 7 use the right bumper and the start button of the xbox controller, which means that the left and right triggers remain unused.

So, even though the xinput mapping is mostlycorrect not the one on your website though, the one at the beginning of this post , the buttons R and L of the 3DS are assigned to the left and right bumpers of the xbox controller and the ZL and ZR buttons of the 3DS remain unassigned since the xinput mapping of your website use the wrong buttons.

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Similarily this also happens for Linux and OSX. Temporary: Controller Configurations for Citra Tutorials. JayFoxRox July 24, , am 1. How to Configure your controller If you have never ran Citra: Run Citra for the first time so it generates a configuration file If you have Citra running: Quit it now. You should be done now and your controller should work!

Now copy that control config block only the one for your controller! Troubleshooting : If the first config you tried did not work: Verify that you copied the config correctly to your config file Try another config from the list with a similar name some gamepads were released in different versions Try a config for your gamepad for another platform maybe there is an error in the database If you have multiple gamepads or similar input devices connected to your PC: increment the joystick index and copy the updated config Remove lines which contain Broken!

Citra with Controller support? Using a 3DS as a Citra Controller.

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Walking with the thumbstick? Roms not working that should. Ok, my apologies. Is it possible to make it like android? My friend has it on android where you can play the game without a Mac so would it be possible to do that with ios? What is someone to do for you? My friends say that it does not seem like my local red party Why friends can not I join my party in local red?

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Any plans to release an Android remote app? Would be very useful…. Tried that as well, no problem with connecting. Still no control. I am an idiot. I finally touched the computer name and it accessed the controls. Pls do it! They are all connected to the same wifi router network. Not sure if your third party controller is compatible? Try searching our forums or posting a question to the community to find out what other players are using.

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