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You'll also need to provide encryption settings for outgoing mail, using the following information:. If your Web hosting account was created prior to June 1, , please follow the instructions directly below. If your Web hosting account was created on or after June 1, , please click here for instructions.

Your email address and username are the same. The email address and username for your pair Networks main account mailbox are "username pair. The email address and username for a mailbox created in the Account Control Center ACC , will be "emailaddressname example. Replace "example. Use the password associated with the mailbox you wish to access. If you wish to read your main account mailbox email, use the password associated with it.

How to add an Email Account to Mac Mail

To read an email from mailboxes created in the ACC, use the password you specified when creating the mailbox. Passwords and usernames are case sensitive. Regardless of which email protocol you use, you must include the name of the server from which you receive your email messages. To view email from a mailbox created in the ACC, use server. Replace "server" with the server name associated with the mailbox. Please click here to read about using SSL to secure your email sessions.

Setting Up Microsoft Outlook Clients for Amazon WorkMail

To send email from your main account mailbox, use mailXXX. To send email from a mailbox created in the ACC, use server. Many email readers use an automatic mailbox configuration tool.

The most basic information you'll need to know is: Username Password Mail server name You can then configure your email user further by setting it up as an IMAP or POP address and enabling secure ports. This article walks you through these options to configure the email account however you like. View the following article for detailed instructions on how to add an email address: How do I add an email address? Once you create an email address, you will have your Username and Password.

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Username This is the part before your domain. For example username example. Your email client may only require this first part of the email address, but it's possible that your email client may need the full email address to connect.

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This depends on your mail client. Password The password for the user is what you chose when creating the address.

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The Password can be changed at any time through your Manage Email page or through the Mailboxes interface. View the ' Change password ' article for details.

Passwords for your email users can be changed at anytime. View the Passwords article to help choose a strong password.

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Incoming IMAP hostname : imap. This article shows several ways to troubleshoot e-mail accounts. These articles demonstrate how to set up e-mail access for a variety of client applications, including Mac Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and more. Messages that you send are not copied to the Sent folder. You can view a message's raw e-mail headers to help troubleshoot e-mail problems. Additionally, A2 Hosting support staff may ask you to send this information if you are experiencing certain types of e-mail issues. This article describes how to view the e-mail message headers using a variety of client applications.

Some hosting packages do not allow you to send e-mail through external SMTP servers, while other hosting packages have fewer restrictions. Learn more here.

Step-by-Step POP Setup Instructions

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