Part 1: AirPlay Mirroring with Raspberry Pi

You're using basic AirPlay when the video player on your device goes black and says "This video is playing on Apple TV". On a computer, you enable this using the AirPlay icon that appears in the controls of a screen video player object, inside the browser or other app. An app can prevent basic AirPlay, and a website may have requirements that only work in the browser, so basic AirPlay may not always work. The other mode is Mirroring, which generates an H.

This video compression inherently limits resolution, and may have trouble with fast motion.

On a Mac computer, you access this mode from the AirPlay icon in the main menu bar. It lets you mirror the main display, or create a new display, extending the desktop. But remember that the data sent to the Apple TV is always being converted to a live video stream.

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Unlike a normal wired monitor connection, actual display frame buffer pixels are not transmitted. When you put the iPad or iPhone video player into full screen mode, mirroring may automatically switch to basic AirPlay. If the server doesn't support basic AirPlay, this may prevent mirroring full screen video. It could also happen that loading the video from your source is too slow.

In my experience, this can make a difference in terms of performance. You can extend the QuickTime Player with some more codecs by installing Perian.

Question about Apple TV lag when mirroring to two displays...

Of course, VLC is also worth a try. The hardest thing to try: This could be everything: Your Mac is too slow, your router has a problem, etc. Concerning software you can make sure that everything is up-to-date latest OS versions, firmware updates, etc. I use nplayer and the streaming for playing movies from my NAS to Apple TV through my iPhone 5s and it works with very high quality either video either audio.

When using airplay to stream the fox news live App. The video is good on my iphone but comes out sideways on the TV.

Three Steps to Solve AirPlay Lag from iPhone iPad to Mac/PC

How can I fix this? Some help please for a layman. But when I try to send to the television via ATV3 the sound and video stutter slightly. Any bright ideas would be much appreciated thanks. I tried all the Airplay dropdown menu options, but am still getting dropped frames. Interestingly, using Apple TV as a second screen was the worst option for me. I get a little lost when you get to explaining the Wifi Connection stuff. Am I missing something? Cheers, thanks for your help so far.

Apple TV 4K HDR - AirPlay 2 Mac Mirroring Performance vs Chromecast

Just one question: I use Time Capsule as a router to stream video via airplay from an Imac to appletv. The result is disappointing concerning frame rate. Local apple store changed my appletv for a new one. I tested it again: The same. The only way I have found a viable solution is through a third party program called apple beamer.

Question about Apple TV lag when mirroring to two displays - Logos Bible Software Forums

I have purchased it and I can watch all my stored movies from external hd drives without transfer rate problems wirelessly. Still, I think apple should come by itself to a solution to this problem. Apple should more homework regarding the quality of the net sharing capabilities of its systems.

Sometimes design is not enough!

5 Solutions to AirPlay Mirroring without An Apple TV

Thank you — your advice on Display settings and using 5G combined to do the trick. Many thanks! I was getting a lot of lag on the stream. I extended the desktop first and and it had a huge impact on the quality. I then had a play are with the display settings and again my steam improved.

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Thanks again for all the tips. It's the only option I've found that works with spotify though. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Learn more here. Go to solution. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

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Please can anyone suggest how I might fix this? Accepted Solutions. Everyone's tags 1: Worked for me too. My s…. See below for details: