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If you have an old line of processors i7, then get rid of them they overheat more often than i5 and sometimes even inferior in performance and therefore glitches, endless problems, etc. The first and main indicator is that the processor can not cope - it is a wheeze in sound and stuttering RAM also, but less often.


The performance is much smoother and loading times are significantly down compared to internal HDD. One thing to consider is your connection. There will be a detailed description. Next you will see all the specifications of your PC. Sometimes the brakes are given by a video card but very rarely your processor is not the poorest. This is strange… I pass! No problem, CleanMagicAudio!! Thank you very much for your assistance. If you upgrade to SSD as your bootable system disk will certainly speed up loading your libraries if you put them on it and overall system performance.

But it will not help you with CPU overload. By upgrading your cpu you will resolve this, but I am not sure can you that on Mac Mini.

OSX Boot from External SSD USB 3.0 (Mac Mini)

I think the older versions of Mac Minis are not good for music production, maybe except Mac Mini with i7 processor 8th generation. I am thinking to buy one, but I will wait for some data from someone who is using it for music. Only on model you can upgrade RAM. I think Lacie thru usb 3. I cannot upgrade more than 16gb.

Speed Up Your Mac with an External SSD

And i kind of bought knowing that I thought that with 16gb RAM i would need to buy another machine only in ! You are welcome. RAM is important for libraries, when you open one in Kontakt you can read how much gb it uses for that channel. You can always check in Activity Monitor how much you use basically everything.

I really recommend SSD for system. Use external drives for storing files, there are some external on thunderbolt 2, example G drive. Hi SR40 I have the same Mac as you. External SSD worth it? Envato Authors. HeyHeyIndie December 3, , pm 1. Hello composer friends!

Is there anything else that you would suggest? Goaudio December 3, , pm 3.

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I have macbook air , i have no problems logic pro x. The first place I would recommend is macsales. They have a screen where you choose your macintosh computer, and it tells you which SSD drive is compatible. Just click here and you will be asked what mac you have, follow the prompts. The second place I would recommend is crucial.

Buy a new SSD not a second hand one. They do degrade over time.

This Old iMac: Speed Up Your Mac By Installing OS X On An External SSD

Now you need to copy your entire drive onto your SSD drive. The other option is to use Super Duper. The difficulty of this varies according to what kind of a Macintosh computer you have. For a mac pro it simply connects into the spare optical bay slot — no adapters needed, a 30 second operation — see how here. You can find instructions here. You can get the old hard disk out without pulling out the motherboard but the SSD drives are actually ever so slightly thicker and more uniform in shape so the motherboard needs to come out to manoeuvre the SSD drive in place.

This is easier than it sounds, but you still need to but the suction caps to do it.

It requires some mechanical skill. So how fast is it? You can turn it on anyway no problems. Read this article for more information.

The many choices for external SSD

Read this post for info on how to get around this. Also here is another very good article on this. You can use your old Internal Drive as a backup drive. Seriously fast boot-up and excellent system responsiveness compared to the 1TB internal hard drive. No need to pull the Mac apart to upgrade the boot drive just leave the internal spinning disk in place as your data drive, it works fine as an APFS volume, provided its not the system disk.