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Freely available. Web, desktop and mobile app. Mobile app available for free on iTunes store 30 day free trial available.

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Word processor compatibility. MS Word Google Docs. MS Word LibreOffice. Yes 'Save To Refworks' browser plugin available in the 'Tools' section. Captures webpage snapshots? Click here for list New styles can also be created. Search a list of available styles.

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Share references with groups Features. Share references with groups Shared Groups.

Share references with groups Groups. I use unformatted citations — Cite While You Write is the work of the devil. Now, unformatted citations use Record Number — a unique record number in the database. Unfortunately when you sync — such as when you when EndNote is being synced to a second Mac at home — that Record Number gets replaced. With the result that your manuscript with the record numbers now is completely unusable.

Something of a problem. I tried and tried to fix this problem but in the end I thought, why bother? Zotero and Mendeley are popular choices for people that are used to interfaces not designed around a DOS Screen sorry, EndNote, but really? So I paid the money over for Mendeley disk space I have sources, too much for the free bit of kit — but in hindsight I should have gone with a month or two subscription only. I have found a few problems with Mendeley. Import citation from library catalog.

Import citation from library databases.

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Retrieve citation information from pdf. Field searching. Duplicate detection. Yes, able to modify fields to use for deduplication.

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Yes from same database, but will not usually recognize duplicates from different databases. Add notes to references.

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Yes, attached to references or as standalone notes. Spell check.

Attach pdfs. Search for and attach PDFs. Annotate pdfs.

Search attached pdfs.