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I got into safe mode as well. I would go to feedback assistant so you can send Apple your diagnostic information. That's what I did and hopefully that may help them in fixing this issue. I guess I have the same problem. I can only boot in safe mode. And I cannot enter in my account. If I do, something crashes, my background pic is shown, then a black screen, then my pic again.. And it looks as if there are no fonts, all menus are there, but without text. Rebooting was working perfectly since installed, but after about 6 hours using the system I rebooted it again and my system behavior was exactly like yours.

Local snapshots are backups created on the local disk, even if you have an external disk connected and dedicated to time machine.

Update OS X

But Catalina creates various local snapshots also on the root disk and there is no way to disable localsnapshots like on previous MacOS versions which was possible to disable just the localsnaps. But it is not frozen, it is analysing data on disk. This is bad, I agree, and is a Bug. But bugs are expected.. Bugs are welcome somehow. In my case I had 7 local snapshots as seen above, and we must delete them to fix Catalina I decided to delete them all, because I have my backups already on my always connected external disk used by Time Machine.

After deleting them, run again the first command [to list the snaps] , just to be sure there will be no results. I tried using terminal there. I get: tmutil: command not found. Any help appreciated. This worked for me on my iMac Pro , although it took 6 attempts to get my computer to reboot in safe mode. Same issue here. I was able to boot into safe mode, but it was unbelievably slow and eventually gets to the point where I can move the cursor but not click on anything.

I'm also able to SSH to it, so thankfully I will be able to install software upgrades once Apple hopefully fixes this issue. EDIT: I tried to submit an official bug report, but I keep getting "There was an error trying to submit your feedback. Please try again later.

Catalina install freezes on boot |Apple Developer Forums

Okay, figured out the problem is one of my 3rd party kexts. Thanks for the tip. In my instance, the culprit was AVVideoCard. Removing that did the trick. I think that was left behind from an old install of 'Air Display'. I have this file too, and suspect it's the reason I'm having the same problem.

All is not lost if you encounter this particular error

Could you let me know how you are able to remove it? I can't seem to do anything in safe mode and I don't know how to remove the "read only" restriction in single user mode. Deleting the file AVVideoCard. Thank you for this post!!

My Mac froze in the middle of an update! What should I do?

This solution worked perfectly for me after a couple of hours of watching a black screen with apple logo. Many thanks!

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For me it was AppleMobileDevice. Yesterday I posted here a big writeup on how to solve it because I had the same situation as you, and the cause is different from the replies above.

macOS Catalina Install or Update Errors? Here are some helpful tips

And also the solution is different. But because I posted a BIG writeup full os details, its here for moderation and people cannot read it yet. I guess that's why you're seeing this message on boot, since the apple driver is unable to check the kexts against the list Hello guys, I had downloaded the beta 3 update and I was requested to restart my Mac Macbook Pro 13 no touch bar.

After 10 minutes of installation I received a pop up saying that my disk is full and the installation cannot be completed. I was prompt to restart the device but the machine didn't restart. Is the software broken and I need to erase and restore the disk? That's a bummer although I knew and accepted the beta program I am also having this issue. I really don't want to delete everything since I'm a week or so out of backups.. Did you find a solution? Did it take anyone a few days?

Should I hang in? The mouse pointer frozen, I've left it for 30 minutes, changes usb ports, erase sdd, all no luck.

Boot in verbose mode and post a picture of the screen when it stops. Just to be clear, the process stops during the Mojave install itself and not the boot process.

iMac, macbook frozen start up fix

The verbose mode is viewable during the boot of the USB only right? And not the install process? I've enabled verbose mode. I managed to take a picture of the screen just before it loads the language selection. There were 2 more lines that came out I think but it was too fast for me to capture. Hard freeze 2 min. Hey willbiggz , I also tried installing High Sierra, but same issue there.

Last edited: Oct 11, When shutting down, fans go high RPM and it freezes.

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