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Mac Dre - My Folks Classic. On My Toes Mac Dre Kick back relax an let me bust one, bust one An dont trip if I cuss one, cuss one Two times well be spitting the shit It just a way a nigga straight be getn the grit Microphone master Mac Dre is the name I got donkey for a bitch and when Im slangin the thang Hoes go delirious cuz the dick is so serious Fuckin bitch after bitch, cuz they all be curious a young nigga down to break you for everything and mister flamboyant is a song Ill never sang Im not wit the click shit, im straight wit the sick shit And any south sucka im ready to get - wicked Romped out Crest down mouthafucka this romp life I could neva get enough of ridin sidin whippin dippin a nigga aint trippin hoes they, try to do me, stay the fuck back you damn tramp hoochie M.

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Writer: Clairo. Never Alone flac Tori Kelly. Writer: Kirk Franklin;Tori Kelly. Feel Good flac Felix Jaehn. Juice flac Lizzo. Millionaire flac Felix Jaehn. Why flac NF.

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Mac Dre- Chevy & Fords (Ft. Little Bruce) - ,handditkyrita.gq

Honolulu flac Felix Jaehn. Like A Riddle flac Felix Jaehn. Hot2Touch flac Felix Jaehn. Then I got out, then my boys wanted me to proceed with a professional career, The Mac had just put out his album and they hooked me up with Khayree. You have had a lot of success, what is your goal out here in the Bay Area?

And help them do stuff. I'm trying to create an organization like that out here so we could have a few hot record labels, that's really bangin. That's my ultimate goal, is to get fired up. That's his meanest Pit in his backyard right now. Anymore plans to work with E and them? When it's time for me to drive up to the studio, then me and him gonna get down. I got a lot of friends that have made that step and you lose a lot of things such as creative control. When your album is coming out. You might think that you got the hottest album right now and your sh t is shelved for a year or two or three.

I'm hot right now. My sh t needs to be on the streets, guaranteed. I'm gonna make enough money to start another business or something. What's going on in Vallejo? Half of your music is the beat, who do you get to do your music? So we're real selective on who we choose. Tone Capone is one.

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Mac Dre to me is the most acted like rapper in Northern California. Come out to the Bay and you got 15 year old cats acting like Dre, Ghost riding their whips, Thizzing, and going Stupid. He is truly an entertainer. Thizz Entertainment travels as far as Omaha, Nebraska, Denver, Colorado, even to Honolulu, Hawaii just letting people know who don't know about Mac Dre and his comic-style gangster rap. I have talked to numerous people who have seen Dre perform on Indian Reservations, small towns, and cities no one ever heard of.

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He was hella funny. He always was Rompin.

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He always had good karma around him. He had the strength to bring the whole Bay back. It was just starting for him. To sum him up, he was a trendsetter, a Bay Area entrepreneur, gangsta pimpin, game spitter, a true leader. I had the chance to grow up with him, in the early days of our careers. Since we was both from Vallejo, just two different sides of the town.

It was like a competition. When you have competition, it brings success. He was doing his thing. We did our thing together. We bridged the gap. We had a chance to do a couple of songs together. We also had the chance to do a couple of shows on the road together. We had a chance to grow together, and merge, and everything was all good. He was on the up rise again, it was good to see that. He was a trendsetter for the Bay believe that. Plus he was a cool ass cat besides the image he had, he just wanted to make people laugh. He was my friend as well as a rap comrade of mine. Whoever pulled that trigger, I hope they realize what they did to the game.

We just lost a boss. We built a real good friend- ship. I gave all the pimp game. I love that dude, he's like family to me. I learned a lot from him, and I'm going to make sure his legacy live on. He meant a lot to me. I grew up on that dude. He is the king of the bay! He was a real talented, creative young man.

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He had a cult following. He was a real one. The man went to jail, got out. He kicked his feet like they was on fire. He was just starting to reinvent what he was doing from the beginning, he was getting more and more known. I take my hat off to everything he was doing.

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It makes people proud to be from Vallejo, and from the Bay Area when you see folks like that go out there and represent it! U will be missed but your music will live on in the mix. Mac Dre was one of the major influences in my rap career as well as a good friend. The dude was a legend.

He was a pioneer for us. We all hit the road, do performances, and deal with different people. I send my condolences to his family. He was our backbone, top of the line.