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When a programmable GPU is present, Core Image utilizes the graphics card for image processing operations, freeing up the CPU for other tasks, which can improve real-time responsiveness across a wide variety of operations. Bottom line: don't be in any particular hurry to upgrade to Tiger on older Macs unless you really want to. It seems that a lot of people with older, officially unsupported Macs are also interested in installing OS 9.

But is it a wise idea? Not always, in my estimation. Indeed, the newest officially supported system is often not the ideal one to use. For instance, OS 9. The following is my perspective on what Mac OS X versions are supported by which PowerBook and iBook models back as far as the 68k and series, and suggestions as to which I think is the ideal OS for each model.

I'm sure there will be those who disagree with me in some cases, but here are my OS picks model by model. PowerBook series - System 7.

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For the best speed performance, go with System 7. It would be my personal choice for running on a PowerBook PowerBook - System 7. I would recommend the same systems as for the series for the PowerBook Duo - System 7. Thee Duo came with System 7. You should definitely upgrade to System 7.

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I would suggest going no higher than OS 8. PowerBook - - System 7. System 7. Both System 7. I tried OS 8. PowerBook - OS 7. For the MHz model, my observations about the PowerBook above apply. Go with OS 8. If you have a G3 processor upgrade installed in your ,, you certainly have the processor speed to support OS 9. If you only run a few applications at a time, then OS 9.

The old e just doesn't have the muscle to run OS X decently. However, OS 9. See the notes on OS 9 Helper below.

How to Install Mac OS X Tiger 10.4 on an iMac G3, G4, or G5

Note that if you are installing Mac OS 9. G3 upgrades are available for these machines. I have gone more than three months in daily use without restarting. It was slow enough on my MHz G3 Pismo. You will also want to max out your RAM for running X on these machines.

MacOS X 10.4 PowerBook G4 disk set (2 disks) : Recycled

Given its laziness even on my officially supported machines, I shudder to think how slow Tiger would be on a WallStreet with its even more mediocre video support. With XPostFacto you might be able to get Tiger to run on a WallStreet, and if you enjoy the challenge, go for it, but as a practical proposition for a production OS in my view performance will be to badly compromised.

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On the other hand, my daughter is running Tiger on a MHz iMac, and professes to be satisfied, albeit not excited, with the performance, so to each his or her own. The Lombard is officially supported up to OS XPostFacto will probably be able to get Tiger to run on a Lombard, but I suspect that performance will be very sluggish. I attribute this to Tiger's video hardware demands running up against the Pismo's lackluster video support. Consequently, I would recommend OS The OS 9s fly on any Pismo model.

Mac OS X for PPC (Mac OS 10)

That limitation noted, go with OS The aluminum models are unable to dual-boot directly into OS 9, by all have decent video support, and should be able to run Tiger nicely. No Quartz Extreme support. However, even the current 1. Apple touted 9. However, the performance improvements that were added in 9. Open Transport networking is also said to be more stable, but once again, I've been quite happy with stability in OS 9. Other potential reasons for installing 9.

Compatibility with ATI's latest drivers. You can't run Final Cut Pro 3 without 9. Full compatibility with iPod. MacSpeech's iListen dictation software is not supported by OS 9. OS9 Helper is available as a free download with no support. When Mac OS X installs successfully, its stability on unsupported systems appears to be excellent.

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Note that the first generation of Intel-based Macs equipped with Core Solo or Core Duo processors is no longer supported. Please use version 2. We provide older releases for users who wish to deploy our software on legacy releases of Mac OS X. You can find recommendations for the respective operating system version below. Note that support ended for all releases listed below and hence they won't receive any further updates. If you need help in finding the correct package matching your Mac's processor architecture, please see this official support document by Apple.

Use VLC 2. Get it here. Get it for PowerPC or 32bit Intel. Use VLC 0.