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My issue is that in the launcher, I can never get my joystick recoginzed, however, when I press F12, I can go into the settings, and get to it, then set it, and it works, but back in the launcher, it always shows Default No Device. So this prevents me from settings up mappings etc.

All 3 in windows, I can goto devices, and joystick and test the buttons, sticks, etc, so that tells me windows sees them as controllers, correct? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Logitech Cordless Precision Gamepad Ubuntu That said, and it looks like the source article kept this in mind, this is NOT emulating a controller — this is emulating an XInput controller. Plus I mention that originally I figured I would just be creating a HID joystick which took all of 30 minutes to set up haha! Like you said though, it ended up being a lot of fun completing this project and then making the writeup and showing others is a really fun experience as well!

I tried to be as clear as I could that I was not attempting to crack the Infineon chip. I chose to still refer to this as emulating the controller only because of how the hack works. The PC thinks I am a controller and I do pretend to be one. Perhaps in the future though! Something else that sparks my interest is the infineon chip itself. I wonder how the interface works.

Would be really cool to be able to desolder the security chips from broken controllers and use them with this project. Excellent hack! Watch to the end.

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I went further and built a dual analog stick controller from scratch using a wii u pro controller as a base, and bluetooth wireless adapter that makes it function as an xbox Only problem is the right analog stick needs a trigger so I can shoot without taking my hands off it. I might share it but it looks pretty awesome.

PS3 Controller

I really want to add that right stick trigger somehow. The controller sends very short key presses usually d-pad directions that are commonly ignored by games, but might be noticed outside them.

Even genuine brand-new controllers may or may not suffer this issue. The same problem has been observed on other brands like Buffalo and Wii. If analog input isn't strictly necessary to you, you can try to map one of the sticks as a d-pad and adjust its dead zone if you still have phantom menu navigation. Skip to content. Dismiss Document your code Every project on GitHub comes with a version-controlled wiki to give your documentation the high level of care it deserves. Sign up for free See pricing for teams and enterprises.

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PS3 Controller Jump to bottom. Recent Versions of RetroPie 3. Two drivers are available: sixaxis since RetroPie 4. This is the recommended driver, but third-party support is not well-tested.

Setup Any Controller With Citra 3DS Emulator! (XBOX/PS3/PS4/SNES)

Configuring a PS3 controller to connect via Bluetooth Before booting the Raspberry Pi, make sure that a supported Bluetooth adapter is connected for the Pi 3, onboard Bluetooth works perfectly as of RetroPie 4. After your Pi boots up, you need to enter RetroPie setup. You can do this one of two ways: Setting up your keyboard or PS3 controller as a USB gamepad in EmulationStation you must configure a gamepad before you can use EmulationStation , navigating to the "RetroPie" icon in the Home Screen, and selecting it using whatever key you mapped "A" to on your gamepad.

PlayStation 4 (DualShock 4)

Pressing F4 to quit EmulationStation and running the Retropie script from the terminal. Select the sixaxis driver, and then select [Install from source]. While staying in the "RetroPie" section, select the "Bluetooth" item. Select [Register and Connect to Bluetooth Device] and follow the on-screen prompts to pair your controller.