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After the file is extracted, a new folder will be created. This folder contains the "Setup. Double click the "Setup. After you finish the installation of Pro Tools, you will need to follow the same steps for the installation of the Air Creative Collection. After you double click, a new window with several options will appear.

You will need to drag and drop the Pro Tools icon to the Applications Icon.

Then you will get a dialog with the status of the copy procedure. Run the Pro Tools application from the Applications folder to complete the installation. After the double click a new window will pop up and you will need to double click the "Install AIR Creative Collection.

Como instalar o ProTools 10.3.10 no MacOsx High Sierra???

Use the iLok License Manager already on your machine now that Pro Tools is installed to download the license to your iLok. Pro Tools Software Updates.

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How to find whether a system is running on a real or virtual platform. Avid Online Store: How to get help with a third-party product. Plus, there was always the risk of your computer not restarting if you did something wrong. So this guy made a tutorial to remove the Version Check of the Installer itself so that you actually don't have to mess with your system Files and also can use the installer later on any other OSX.

Avid pro tools 11 ilok crack

Basically he extracts the Installer, edits out the System Version-Check and repacks it again. But there's a step by step guide as well as a video tutorial.

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  4. Last edited: Jun 24, Like x 2 List. Joined: Jun 22, Messages: 3 Likes Received: 0. In my tests the "Openssh iLok free" version won't start.

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