Travel back to 1602 A.D.

It allows the player to must show his leader ability and complete numbers of the task to progress. It is an excellent game that offers quite addictive gameplay to immerse himself deep into the fantastic game world. Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom offers key features such as various items, train his troops, and battle against the other nations challenge his friends and much more.

The game offers superb game controls and setting, enjoyable gameplay, well-written storyline and beautiful graphics details. In this competition, the player is responsible for saving several citizens as possible from multiple regions of Nuevos Aires and a massive city that is full of bloodthirsty zombies. It offers various missions, and in each mission, the player can rescue the several civilians from zombies with the help of helicopters. It provides a top-down view where the human and zombies are represented by different colored.

The player aim is simple to rescue the degree of human in order to complete his mission. Atom Zombie Smasher includes core features such as different modes, upgrades, various military units and much more. With immersive and quite addictive gameplay, well-written storyline, simple controls, and beautiful graphics details.

It is a fourth installment in the series of Age of Wonders in which the player can take on the role of a leader of the fantasy kingdom who can explore the world, interact with other races and try to expand his area in order to progress. The game introduces a new role-playing element that allows the player first to choose his character and customize his leader with different things.

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There are total six races in this game such as human, dwarves, orcs, goblins, draconian and high elves and the player can choose each one independently. The game also offers real-time strategy feature in which the player can create different kinds of buildings and units in his area.

In during the combat, the player can also capture the opponent units and buildings. Age of Wonders III includes core features such as different modes, upgrades, multiple classes and powerful units, etc. The game offers improved visual details, enhanced game mechanics, and quite impressive gameplay. According to the story of the game the owner of the Turner Railroad Company goes missing, his children Henry and Anne are called upon to solve the truth behind his disappearance. It is an excellent game that offers an exciting combination of real-time strategy and Adventure.

In this game, the ultimate task of the player protects his family business, expand his railway to neighboring towns and rescue all the missing citizens. At the beginning of the game, the player has few resource which the game allows to use his them and create different kinds of buildings, stations, and other users then. It also allows the player to hire more staff and train them to expand his business. After the progress of the game, it allows the player to unlock more secret item and upgrades by using his experience points.

Westward IV: All Aboard features a well-written storyline, fantastic game mechanics, and brilliant visual details. In this game, the ultimate task of the player conquers the Europe to become the Emperor.

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It allows the player to build his family through the seven centuries from A. D to A. It is an excellent game that offers an excellent combination of Management and Strategy. According to the gameplay, it allows the player to create his own empire by collect the numbers of resources.

It allows the player to create different kinds of buildings and units to increase his colonization system. The player must arrange marriages that can use as a strategic way of the other realms. The game world is full of enemies who will try to destroy his empire so the player must create defense around his area and create military troops that will defend his area. Feudalism includes core features such as collect resources, unlockable achievements lots of upgrades, turn-based battle and much more.

The game offers excellent game mechanics, addictive gameplay, and beautiful graphics. The series was published his first title in the year of with the original name of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The series is based on the romanticized novel of Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the popular historical text Records of the Three Kingdoms. According to gameplay, the player aim is managing various statistics, each statistics representing an attribute of the character or city.

In most of the game contains a role-playing element in which the player can rank and file characters to lead his kingdom.

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It is one of the best Strategy video game series as compared to the other. Romance of the Three Kingdoms offers superb game setting, great mechanics, and brilliant visual details. It is a brand new Deluxe Edition of the most popular city-building video game, SimCity 4. It offers lots of new features, tasks, and upgrades to deliver a more exciting gameplay experience. In this edition, the player creates the vast region of the cities with the farming towns, high tech commercial centers, bedroom community, and industrial areas, etc.

It also allows the player to take complete control of his city transportation system and solve a variety of U-Driven missions. It offers lots of new resources, modes, and upgrades that make the game more interesting. SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition has enhanced game mechanics, smooth controls, and beautiful visual details.

It is a 3 rd title of The Settlers series that feature new single-player missions, new maps, and map editor etc. It is an enjoyable strategy game, controlled via a point and click interface in which the player aims to build a settlement with functioning economy and military units.

In single-player campaigns the player control one of three different races such as Roman, Asians, and Egyptians whose respective deities are summoned by the great god HE. At the start of the game the player has limited resources to complete his objective, but after completing numbers of levels, the player is able to unlock new resources and upgrades by using his experience points. The Settlers III also allows the player to explore the massive fantasy environment to collect new technologies.

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In multiplayer mode, the player is able to play against his friends to prove himself as best in the world. The game offers lots of prominent features such as new gameplay modes, upgrades, new units, different buildings and story quest etc. With addictive gameplay, enhanced mechanics, and smooth controls.

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The Settlers III is one of the best game as compared to its previous games. It is the eleventh installment of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series that offers lots of new features, upgrades, and task to make the game more addictive. The major gameplay of the game is similar just to the previous games in the series in which the player aims to expand this area by creating numbers of buildings, units and defeating enemy creatures.

It introduces more than ten new facilities, brands new battle mode, various military features, editor opting, six new campaigns and much more. It also allows the player to play against his friend to test his strategy skills. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI offers improved visual details, enhanced mechanics, and dynamic background music. War for Overworld is developed and published by Brightrock Games.

In this game, the player assumes the role of an Underlord to develop dungeons that contain different kinds of deadly traps and enemies to kill wandering heroes.

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The game starts with a blank slate and lets the player choose where to dig and create his dungeon. It is an enjoyable game and played in real-time, with the player actively making decisions while fighting enemies. After creating a dungeon, the player can set traps and other useful resources to defeat enemies and minions. The game has a variety of levels, and at each new level, the player can create a new dungeon and eliminate numbers of enemies.

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  8. Most Downloaded Today. All rights reserved. Tycoons are industrious and expand quickly, but have problems with pollution and dwindling resources. The Tech is a support faction available to the other two, and they are useful in researching the latest and most powerful technologies. The Techs are only available later in the game when 10, credits are donated to their cause. In Anno , politics are no longer defined by countries, boundaries, religions, races, etc. All humankind rally under one global government where the three main factions of the game control the world's decisions.

    Players can also vote for a World President and vote in Senate Council. Participation will give different effects to all players, depending on who is president or what bill was passed, until the next cycle of voting begins. Players can also gain achievement and rewards from just playing the game.


    Players can customize their Ark to fit personal preference, which is only for aesthetics, as well as gaining special rewards that affect gameplay. Resources and technology upgrades can be carried on Arks, and be used in another game in "Continuous Mode". The gameplay includes "World Events"; special missions offered only for a limited time, allowing all players to band together and complete the missions. Completing missions will reward players depending on how many people participate.

    There are also "Current Events", where a player can complete a particular quest for one of the three factions to gain rewards. Current Events change daily, unlike World Events, which can be around for several months. The game contained Solidshield Tages SAS 3 machine activation limit and always needed to be connected to internet while playing the games. Changing hardware could use up one activation. After the last activation is used, 1 was regained every 30 days.