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The drawing file is expected to contain information about the paper size, orientation and drawing scale and offset. The number of zoom levels z is adjustable. Click here for an example of such a map created with dwg2maptiles and leaflet.


Several settings as well as the file format version can be changed. Boundary loops contained in other boundary loops are considered to be islands. Each drawing can be individually positioned, rotated, scaled and flipped horizontally or vertically. The Mac will immediately shut down. No data is saved and no dialogs are confirmed, the shut down happens instantly.

Command line arguments

If you do feel like putting a delay on the shutdown, you can use the following command syntax instead:. By the way, the shutdown command can also be also be used to restart a Mac from the command line by using the -r flag instead of the -h flag. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

Enter your email address below:. Great tip I learned how to shut down the Mac from the command line with this. I use to use shutdown -h now in Linux but had long forgotten the commands.

Platform Notes

Why; not globalization, nor a decline in the market but rather the lawsuits from people who fell off ladders and sued all the small operations. The desire for an idiot-proof world is here again on this thread. People like this are the reason why construction trucks make that beeping noise when backing-up. This advice is just plain wrong and will lead to corruption and lost data if you follow it. DO NOT follow this advice. Both commands send programs a UNIX style shutdown command.

This shuts down a Mac from the command line. Did you even bother read the article?

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Obviously not. There are multiple warnings that it does not request a data save. How did you manage to get this far without reading the article? Maybe this site needs a system to verify that people read the article before they can comment. That makes it TRUE. Facts matter.

You are wrong about reading the man page.

  • el virus de la policia afecta a las mac.
  • How to Shutdown a Mac from Terminal.
  • Syntax rules.
  • Command Line Options!

The man page was never updated for macOS. Read the bottom of the man page. Therefore do NOT trust the information.

There is a perfectly good command line method which I provided, which is safe and does not result in data loss. This is a prime example why. Then I had to go across town to locally switch it back on. Any osascript magic to switch the machine back on, remotely?

  1. Qu’est-ce que nslookup ?!
  2. Qu’est-ce que nslookup ?.
  3. dirty mac yer blues youtube!
  4. This is idiotic, why risk a terminal mistake when you can simply go to Apple upper left of screen and click shut down. If you are connected remotely this works exactly the same.

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    Everyone starts somewhere. In fact, you would be less of an idiot yourself if you bothered to learn a thing or two. I understand the subject perfectly well, have been a system admin and senior level repair for Apple for over two decades. Shutting down with the buton is not too healthy for the HDD.

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