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LexManos: Fix jar signer not applying to universal packed in the installer. Implemented them for vanilla and B3D models. Added generic types to IModel subinterfaces, to simplify chaining. Resolves LexManos: Bump version in prep for new Recomended Build.

Modders should specifically opt in. Add the actual patches that I forgot. Add simple implementations of IStorage and the factory methods. Add ItemStackHandler. A simple IItemHandler implementaton. Move the vanilla wrappers to a separate class for now.

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Minor clean ups of VanillaWrapper code. Remove redundant size field and add a validate slot index method. Break early If stacksize to insert is 0. Add capability to mine cart inventory entities. Change formatting and registration of capability. Also added a field to allow mods that add additional player inventory space to publicly expose them. Lazy initialization of the item handler for vanilla tiles.

Create a single vanilla chest item handler that will merge with adjacent chests when detected.

[Jul.08] Rei's Minimap v3.4_01

Added hooks to reset the cached adjacent value when a block update is detected and when a chunk loads. This reverts commit d4a37fd0e8c8acbdfe8e2c Replace double chest code with a simpler method. Vanilla wrappers implement IItemHandlerModifiable since they are modifiable. Add an onContentsChanged and onLoad callback methods. Add slot as a parameter in the callback method.

Change IItemHandlerModifiable. Fix a lot of derps in SlotItemHandler.

[1.6.2] JourneyMap Mod Download

ItemStackHandler no longer caches the stack array in local variable. Clean up the Chests code to make intentions clearer. Vanilla hoppers have their cooldown activated when an item is inserted. Made this behavior part of an item handler rather than the insertion code. More documentation of potential edge cases in getStackInSlot. Restore OreDictionary. Fixed makeItemStack ignoring stackSize. LexManos: Fix Deobfusication transformer throwing verification errores in Eclipse development environments. LexManos: Fix forge logging not working correctly in ForgeDev. LexManos: Call deserialze on capabilities in ItemStack.

Minecraft zan's minimap 1.6.2 mac

LexManos: Fix ItemStacks not getting the parent capability provider from items. Should fix Packet21 causing a TE reset.

Fixes potential threading issue. Default bucket model is empty, allow bucket model without fluid. This allows capsules, cans, bottles, Also it's makes much more sense. Fix problem which meant runtime deobf to MCP names wasn't working. SRG named mods located in the mods dir of a dev. New Capability system allowing for more manageable world object features. Vanilla capabilities will be coming soon, mostly on request and review.

LexManos: Fix jline server console not showing colored text. LexManos: Fixed banners not droping the correct item when harvested using modded mechanics. LexManos: Remove dead code in JarDiscoverer.

minecraft mods [2] - Team's idea

Closes: Fix visual effect entity persisting longer than it should. LexManos: Fixed issue with WorldServer. Add a simple ContainedDep mechanic- mods can contain other mods or libs, and can specify them using a manifest tag: "ContainedDeps". This is a space separated manifest standard list of jar files that are to be extracted into the version specific directory. There's also a special system property "fml.

And helper functions in GameRegistry to allow for registering using those names automatically. This is to simplify registration and get rid of the horrible hacks users are doing now with 'unlocalised names'. This should fix the problem of null for existing object.

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Also fix that it repeatedly nags about missing stuff in the world. LexManos: Fix boss health bar rendering when debug overlay is enabled. LexManos: Allow for default 1. Should be SRG compatible.

Models, maps, skins, and more

LexManos: Swap Mod and Realms button to fix new realms 'notification' icon. Fixes These will be used to generate a new patchtree under patches. Patches and rejected patches.

Note: some which had imports are not listed here because they need. NethanlderPlayClient patch is now in vanilla. The caching of player profiles is now in vanilla SkinManager. All NBT patches seem to have been merged upstream, so removing. The IntegratedServer and MinecraftServer pending queue changes also removed, as fixed upstream. Couple of small fixes elsewhere. OBFID is gone. Some code fixups.. It begins. Mojang no longer ship them. We should be starting to look OK now. Not ideal, but should work.

So many patches. See if we can find any more mistakes?! LexManos: Update universal manifest for 1. I haz lost my mind.