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Pick Specific people if you want to restrict access to certain user accounts.

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If you hadn't earlier, you'll need to create a new login and password for people who can access these files. Click Manage another account, and pick Create a new account.

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Follow the prompts to create a Standard user, pick the account, and click Create a password. Now if you pick Share with: Specific people, click the drop-down arrow, and add the new account to the list.

Sharing Files On Your Mac With Your Windows Computer

Next, try connecting to files. If you're on the same HomeGroup as another Windows 7 PC, just open a new window, and look in the Homegroup area on the left. Pick the PC, and browse the shared libraries inside. Learn more about setting up a HomeGroup here. If the other PC isn't connected through a Windows 7 HomeGroup, you can browse through the Network tab a little lower on the left pane to find it.

Here's how to share from OS X. Open the Network System Preference, click your network connection on the left pane, and press Advanced.

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On the Windows 7 system, if your Mac doesn't appear in the Network area, type the Mac's computer name into your Windows file browser. Enter your username and password to connect to the files. You can browse shared Windows 7 files in OS X, too. Enter your login name and password to finish the connection. Your multi-OS network should now be all set. Click OK. Click the plus icon to add a new printer.

Easily Share Files Between Windows 7, 8 and Mac OS X

Right-click the toolbar, and pick Customize Toolbar. Then drag the Advanced button up into the toolbar and click Done. Enter the path with your PC name and printer name. Click Select Printer Software in the Print Choosing pop-up menu, and select your printer in the list. Click OK and Add. Windows 7 can also connect to a Mac OS X printer over the network. Alternately, you can log in with a user that was set up in step 4 for limited access to only the folders you set permissions for. Either way, getting your Windows 7 shared folders onto OS X is a breeze.

Scroll down to File and printer sharing and select Turn on file and printer sharing. This is an easy fix. Just go to the Finder menu and Click Preferences and go to the Sidebar tab.

Make sure Connected servers is checked. You may be prompted to enter a user name and password. Either way, you may want to try changing your workgroup name if you are having trouble. Click the WINS tab. From here, you can type in the name of your workgroup. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! This worked for me on the first try in less than a minute. Jack Busch had the sense to include the failsafes that made it work; had he not, it would not have.

How to Set Up an SMB Server in OS X and Windows 8

Quick note. This will allow Mac user to connect as a guess on your Windows shares. This is a church av etc section, so everything is on one desk. Can see Mac from another Win7 machine but not from win10 machine.

On the Windows PC

All 3 machines have in common with all naming the same: an administer account, a named user account and passwords on all three the same. Does it make a difference having a two part name with space between, or does it need to be without spaces or at least a hyphen instead of space? On the WIN10 machines network discovery is enable, so is file and printer sharing, albeit entering mac computer name or smb netaddress both says Macname not found.

Mac sees win 10 machine but clicking on it or go server gives permission error message.