I guess you know about Command-tab already? The fastest way to make a search or navigate to a Website in Safari, Command-L instantly selects the address bar: Open application switcher, keeping Command pressed, use Tab to navigate to the app you hope to use. Jump directly to the top or bottom of a web page using the Function key and the right to the bottom of the page or left to the top of the page arrows on the keyboard.

You can achieve a similar result using Command-Up or Command-Down.

Hit Command and the left arrow to go back a page in the browser window. Hit Command right to go forward again. Navigate between multiple tabs using the Command-Shift-] or Command-Shift-[ characters. You can also use Option-Shift to change display brightness in small amounts. Read even more Option secrets here. Here are some other ideas on controlling your Mac with your voice.

Use this command to quickly launch Displays preferences. Use this combination to move between open windows in your currently active app. It's so useful you'll wonder why you hadn't used it before. Want to grab an image to place into the document you're typing in?

Sleep, log out, and shut down shortcuts

Just tap Control-Shift-Command-6 and the picture will be saved to your Clipboard for pasting it in. You can change where that button is located so you're less likely to tap it by accident.

Move your cursor to the bottom of your screen and keep moving as if you're moving it off the screen ; you should see one of the items in your Touch bar highlighted. Now move your cursor to highlight the Siri button and then drag and drop that button a space or two to the left. This is also an excellent way to become familiar with how you can edit other items in your Touch Bar. Do you use the function keys regularly in some apps?

But it's also possible to set up the Touch Bar so it always shows the function keys in those apps. You can then select the app s. This web browser tip can sometimes be a lifesaver. Got a story?


Mac keyboard shortcuts

Drop me a line via Twitter or in comments below and let me know. I'd like it if you chose to follow me on Twitter so I can let you know when fresh items are published here first on Computerworld. Click on "F11" and it will give you the option to change the shortcut. I reassigned the "Desktop" command to Command - D. Exit, and now you Mac will act like your old PC. I just figured this out after reading the posts above and not having them work for what I think you were trying to do. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Minimize All in Mac OS? Ask Question. I can't seem to find the shortcut that does it, or even a script. Anything would be good. AngryHacker AngryHacker 7, 52 This doesn't give a single click or keystroke to get right to the desktop. The ActionScript answer does. I use Command-Alt-Desktop clicking somewhere on the desktop.

All windows go away. Apparently, it only works when a finder window is not active. I love mac usability wanderingstan. You can then give the service a keyboard shortcut from System Preferences. Lri Works better than any other AppleScript I have seen Now how do we add it to the Menu Bar and it would be perfect! The downside is obviously the dependency on the available menu items.

Translate Finder, and this breaks. Remove menu items unlikely, but Apple isn't a backwards compatible vendor , and this breaks.

24 keyboard shortcuts Mac users need to know | Computerworld

Where your answer still works better is the Dock application context menu, creating a menu status icon, etc. If you save as an Application in the ActionScript editor, then you can drag the application to your dock. This give pretty much behavior, with the same effort, as the Windows 'Show Desktop' button. And yeah, i don't get why this action isn't built into MacOS. DanielBeck nice, works very fast, thanks. What do You think about a reverse script - show all? BartlomiejSkwira Left as an exercise for the reader. Somebody finally figured out how to Show Desktop correctly: You do realize that it doesn't do anything a 10 line AppleScript can't?

It's right there in the accepted answer.

Cut, copy, paste, and other common shortcuts

You're wrong. See my answer. Single click if you go the application-in-Dock route , and just as quick as this program. And here's the dirty little secret: This application does the same thing. Repeatedly click the Dock icon to hide everything and while doing so, watch your menu bar.

The Window menu of Finder is activated. I wonder why I deliberately didn't use e.

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Hardly what I'd consider figuring out how to do it correctly DanielBeck I stand corrected.. Where were you 2 months ago lol: No need for scripts,etc.. Just click: Fatih Arslan Fatih Arslan 3.

Minimize and Hide All Windows in Mac OS X with Command+Option+H+M

This is also a Firefox hotkey, so if you happen to have it open and selected, you'll see a mobile preview instead. In iTerm it's also a shortcut. But Command-Alt-H seems to work for me too. It hides all the background windows. Sergio Acosta Sergio Acosta 4 9.